What would you have if you reached your goal?

‘In a little countiy community a farmer had a dog who spent part of his time sitting by the side of a main-traveled highway waiting for big trucks. When the dog saw a large truck come around the corner, he would get ready and as it passed him would take out after it down the road, barking and doing his best to overtake it.

One day the farmer’s neighbor said, “Sam, do you think that hound of yours is ever going to catch a truck?”

“Well, Bill,” Sam replied, “That isn’t what worries me. What worries me is what he would do if he caught one!”

Many of us in life are like that hound. We give our lives pursuing goals that have little value even if we reach them. Sometimes it pays to stop and ask whether we have objectives worth pursuing’.  as told by Herbert V. Prochnow

‘Slow down, you move too fast…you got to make the morning last…..’



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