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Memories don’t leave…

It is strange one find value in those household items that one has not seen or used for ages only after one start searching for useless items and they become visible. Ironical, that you started your search only to find and throw unused items to retrieve some precious space.

Something of the sort happened with me too yesterday when I had a mental duel with my self to throw old vinyls, cassettes and lyric booklets tucked away in a cubboard that had not been opened since ages.

It was evident that intrinsic value in these items was embedded in my memories not items per se.

How about a graveyard for such items on the lines of a bank locker where people like me come periodically to unlock their memories at a nominal cost.

Any takers for this biz idea!

It is all about needs..

Why farmers’ grow fruit and vegetables? To satisfy a house wife’s need while earning money to satisfy theirs. A supermarket is a meeting point to link house wives and farmers to satisfy supermarket’s promoting company’s needs, which in turn has floated the retail chain to satisfy needs of its shareholders.

So a supermarket is the centre point to satisfy needs of farmers, housewives, shareholders and of course supermarket’s workers.

What a humble radish could achieve is simply mind boggling. 

Selling perishables for a living…..

Fresh produce sector in the India continues to grow. Like agriculture, markets for perishable products are increasingly complex. However, unlike many agricultural sectors, fresh produce markets often involve much higher risks, with the potential for corresponding higher rewards.

A market with low liquidity, high price volatility, little transparency and virtually no standardized products at wholesaling, ancient regulatory /legal environment, absence of cool chain, fragmented retailers and low decision involvement at retail end, creates unique challenges.

Recent innovations in distribution and technology, retailer and wholesaler consolidation, changing legal environment, international policies, food safety issues, and health concerns are creating new challenges and new opportunities in a sector where per acre cost of production is already very high and government safety nets do not exist.

This is my world…….I trade perishables for a living and enjoy every moment of it.

What would you have if you reached your goal?

‘In a little countiy community a farmer had a dog who spent part of his time sitting by the side of a main-traveled highway waiting for big trucks. When the dog saw a large truck come around the corner, he would get ready and as it passed him would take out after it down the road, barking and doing his best to overtake it.

One day the farmer’s neighbor said, “Sam, do you think that hound of yours is ever going to catch a truck?”

“Well, Bill,” Sam replied, “That isn’t what worries me. What worries me is what he would do if he caught one!”

Many of us in life are like that hound. We give our lives pursuing goals that have little value even if we reach them. Sometimes it pays to stop and ask whether we have objectives worth pursuing’.  as told by Herbert V. Prochnow

‘Slow down, you move too fast…you got to make the morning last…..’

Theory of aerodynamics

Theory of aerodynamics ….true or false ….According to the theory of aerodynamics, as may be readily demonstrated through wind tunnel wind experiments, the bumblebee is unable to fly. This is because the size, weight and shape of his body in relation to the total wingspread make flying impossible. But the bumblebee, being ignorant of these scientific truths, goes ahead and flies anyway-and makes a little honey every day.

Sign in a General Motor Corporation Plant