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Reverse Logistics – Fresh Produce Supply Chain India – Bottlenecks

Bottlenecks are always at the top of the bottle, isn’t it.

You’ll say I am joking – No I was dead serious – That was part of the message I conveyed when I spoke on the subject at NCCD (National Centre for Cold-Chain Development), a Govt. of India organization now you know for what.

My intention through the following presentation was to use my own live work experience to introduce, rather awaken the audience, to the new discipline of packaging logistics and how it could fit in the reverse logistics for optimizing the fresh produce supply chain including refrigerated transport in India and also, to spell out boldly the bottlenecks of the “at TOP” kind. 

It will not be prudent for me to identify the “TOP” bottlenecks here as all were practically present at conclave as an audience.

However, I will be committing a crime of silence if I don’t tell you that last year, the humble self had approached “the Who’s Who” who mattered in streamlining the fresh produce supply chain in the country. the objective was to sell an idea for initiating or sponsoring a feasibility study for introduction of package pool system for few select big ticket items like tomato, mangoes and banana at the Pan India level.

Believe me I was hit by bottlenecks like a golf ball from one department to another. The last hit landed me in PLASTIC COUNCIL OF INDIA’s lap as if all matters related to plastic crates are council’s baby. On the contrary I was  that thinking the outcome of such a study sponsored by the boards / missions responsible for horticulture development, would benefit supply chain and marketing and eventually farmers, consumers and of course traders (including the organized kind) in India.

Hope some day before I die I’ll see a EUROPOOL like package pool system here in India also.

Disclaimer: I don’t represent Europool systems in any way whatsoever.