A TV channel solely devoted to the cause of Fruits & Vegetables would be a Worldwide hit, Right?

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It all began when selective TV shows for cooking on some channels started gaining popularity. Later on, dedicated TV channels for cooking turned out to be massive hits. A lot of related channels on Youtube have attained lakhs of subscribers and millions of video views. Ever wondered how would it be like to have a channel solely devoted to the cause of fruits and vegetables?

Let’s have a look at some of the interesting facts about fruits and vegetables, that majority of us might not be aware of:

1. Fruits and vegetables are equally nutritious in every state, may it be fresh, frozen or in juice form.

2. Apples which are rich in carbohydrate, vitamin, and mineral content, can re-energize you more than a coffee.

3. In most of the cases, the skin of the fruit or the vegetable is the most nutritious part. A lot of people usually peel this off and do not consume them.

4. Most of the commercial fruits that we get in the market are actually clones achieved by several genetic mutations.

5. You can avoid crying while cutting an onion if you hold a piece of bread in your mouth.

Although this list might be endless, it can be a good introspection for us to check out our limited knowledge about the most important ingredients of our diet. Our ignorance is due to lack of easily available and informative content related to fruits and vegetables.

A TV channel in this regards can act as a platform to increase awareness and knowledge about the various fruits and vegetables. It can also be coupled with tips to promote a healthy lifestyle by recommending  best possible intake proportions and routines. Also, the medium of television is still the dominant player having the largest massive outreach.

For adults who seek information, the content can be plainly simple like this https://youtu.be/pAWRa5FDbAw. There can be shows specifically targeted for Kids who are generally most repulsive towards fruits and vegetables, they can be shown something like this https://youtu.be/Tpmp7-B5pDY or https://youtu.be/u1sh_XGKJ-Q. It can really be a fun way to make them understand the benefits of fruits and vegetables, encourage them to increase the intake and ultimately make them healthier.

Coming to the business viability and commercial prospects from a TV channel perspective, it may sound a bit dicey to hear it for the first time. But, a recently launched TV channel named ‘Epic’ which focuses majorly on mythology and the historical stories/places has started gaining huge traction and top advertisers as well. Their Youtube channel Epified has very rapidly attained a huge number of subscribers and views.

A TV channel focussed on fruits and vegetables would provide advertisers a highly specific and targeted market for their business. It can be used to market and promote healthy products related to fruits and vegetables. The conversion rate for the marketers would be significantly higher as compared to the generic TV channels, ultimately giving them a better “Return on Investment”.

Also, thinking from the morality angle, such TV channel would gradually increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables enabling a healthier population for any country. There would be a decrease in the proportion of lifestyle-related diseases.  It would also give a boost to the agricultural sector, which still employs a larger section of our country and has a substantial share in the economy.

Any takers to start such a channel?

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