A City-Building Game That Captures The Pressing Issue Of Air Pollution

There is little doubt that air pollution is a complex issue with multiple emission sources deeply enmeshed with rapid urbanization. These sources include vehicular pollution, construction and dust, manufacturing and small-scale industry promotion, use of fossil fuels, power generation, biomass burning, and conventional forms of agriculture. Air pollution debilitatingly impacts public health, the economy, climate change, and the environment.

While it is predominantly regarded as an urban issue, there is growing recognition that it dispels devastation over more expansive geography and rapidly rises in smaller towns as they grow. 93% of India lives in areas below the WHO safety standards. We believe that to bring about change, short-term policies and knee-jerk reactions should be replaced by a long-term sustainable alternative to peoples’ lives and lifestyles, urban governance, infrastructure, power generation, and public transport with people’s participation. Educating, sensitizing, and providing a vocabulary of these issues and solutions to the younger generation is essential. Deliberate long-term strategies, build sustainable solutions and prioritize the planet’s prosperity over short-term needs.

Toward this end, Wingify Foundation commissioned Civic Games Lab to develop a board game on air pollution to highlight the dynamics, plan, and need for addressing climate change and air pollution on a priority basis.

Have a board game club that would like to play Fixit? Drop a few words to me at reachout@wingifyfoundation.org and tell us the names of eight players who follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter @wingifyearth so we may send you a game box.