Wingify Earth – MakeYourMark

On the occasion of World environment day yesterday, The Better India, in partnership with Wingify Earth, a social initiative of Wingify Foundation, the CSR arm of Wingify, launched #MakeYourMark, a social media campaign that encourages citizen action concerning climate change and pollution.

#MakeYourMark focuses on air pollution, primarily from commuting, construction, industries, and biomass burning from three-pronged angles – Awareness, Adaption, and Mitigation.

Through #MakeYourMark, Wingify Earth aims to shift people’s mindsets and behavioral actions in the national capital, for even a single small positive action like taking a metro, carpooling, cycling, walking, switching ignition at traffic lights, using electric buses/bikes/cars and thousands of such small actions and nudges, could be a milestone towards curbing pollution.



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