Why best retailers are best – Post 1

Because their first customer touch points (stores associates) go an extra mile to communicate and connect with their customers.

Just 15 minutes back I was at a Delta Maxi store near my Hotel in Belgrade. I buy two pints of Jelen Pivo (an excellent Serbian beer, a brand and market leader – but that is besides the point) among other eatable stuff and some mineral water.

At check-out, the young lady goes an extra mile in communicating to me, a foreigner who did not understood Serbian at all, that if I return back the empty beer bottles I’ll get back 30 Serbian Dinars. How she communicated is a separate story and no need to retell here – that is not important.

That she communicated well with a foreigner, despite the language barrier, is the fundamental point here. Someone had really taken care to drill down that work ethics.

Thank you young lady and Delta Maxi – you really made my day today.



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