Musings on how a bad experience helps – 1

I’m dead sure that every supplier worth his vegetables at Azadpur must have suffered at the hands of buyers, institutional or plain vanilla retailers, forwarders or sub wholesalers who simply don’t pay back in a a gentlemen’s way. Bounced cheques, reduced payments, payments in installments, delayed payments, post dated cheques or simply zero payments are all part of this dirty game. Despite this, business has to move. My start-up also suffered this ignominy thrice during last six months. We suffered at the hands of a large retailer, a produce chain operator who incidentally drives an Audi (for just an amount of 12000/- bucks) and a very large fruit orchardist cum trader from hills. Is there a way out? Not that I know of. APMC law does not offer much respite.

History is full of incidents where bad experiences eventually yielded something positive. I believe Arathshastra was also written after Chanakya, the Indian Machiavelli, getting angry over King’s mismanagement of State.  

Well, my bad experience has also inspired me in a minor way to develop a net based application that should automatically check a buyer’s credit score and present sellers with different payment options and flagging based on that score. I could not find anything that come close to this for an individual’s credit score. The closest I could find was a paid application that was meant for checking a business’ credit score and not an individual’s.

Freelancing developers who want to make money with a social cause are welcome to join hands.

Thanks in advance!



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